Split surface retains un-split quality when commands are applied

I split a surface and delete the cut parts, and then when I tried to RebuildUV, or plug it as geometry on Grasshopper, the output still covers the cut parts of the base surface. I tried to see if there are hidden objects, but there are none. How do I remove those remnants?

Image: Surface that has been already split.

Image: RebuildUV preview still considers the cut parts of the surface.

Image: When trying to see if there are hidden objects.

Image: Grasshopper screenshot. Base surface in green, output in red.

Try _ShrinkTrimmedSrf

Thank you! That did the job!

Any reason why Rhino still considered the cut part?

By default, splitting or trimming a surface will not change the underlying surface. If you load your geometry in Grasshopper and use the tools that operate on surfaces, this means it will use the untrimmed counterpart of your trimmed (or split) surface.

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Thanks! Will make sure to shrink them in the future! You’re a life saver.

Just note that it’s not always possible to shrink a surface to the trimmed edges. In those cases, an “invisible” part will still remain. The underlaying structure of a NURBS surface always has 4 edges…

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