"Split surface by isocurve" and story

in R5 command will “Split surface by isocurve” ceased to remember the story of the last actions
If R4 memorized Shrink = Yes or Shrink = No and automatically performs the last

In R5 command “Split surface by isocurve” always satisfied with the default attribute Shrink = No
You can return to the same as in R4?

! _OrientOnSrf Whether you can make to the default run with attributes Copy = Yes?

Hi Leex- Shrinking was added to Split when dealing with surfaces in V5, Previously it was only available in Split > Isocurve. With Shrink=Yes/No in the main command (for better or for worse) allowing Shrink=Yes to be remembered caused a lot of problems for users in the V5 beta cycle and it turned out to be much safer not to remember this option.


Hi Pascal!
I want to write a script for this command. But it does not work

Can you help?

! _Split _Pause _Isocurve_Shrink(Y)

Hi Leex- try

! _Split _Isocurve _Shrink=_Yes


Thank you very much!
This works well :slight_smile:

Рlease help with automate the process.
I’m trying to improve the command ! _OffsetCrvOnSrf
so that will automatic ThroughPoint

I wrote, but it does not work ((
! _OffsetCrvOnSrf _ThroughPoint

where I made ​​a mistake?

Hi Leex,

The Command needs the input of a curve and surface before presenting the ThroughPoint Option.
For this type of “user action needed” situations you can add a _Pause inside a macro to act as a bridge between mouse and commandline input.

Try this as macro:

! _OffsetCrvOnSrf _Pause _Pause ThroughPoint


Thank you very much for your help!

if I want offset from edge, How to add in macro extract the curve?

How to connect two commands in the one makros?
DupEdge and OffsetCrvOnSrf

! DupEdge (done automatically).

! OffsetCrvOnSrf Pause Pause ThroughPoint.

Delit input curve (from ! _DupEdge) 

Hi Leex- Since the input remains selected in OffsetCrvOnSrf, you can just use Delete- try

! DupEdge
Pause Enter
Pause Pause
Pause Enter


Hi Pascal!
Thanks it works :slight_smile:

After ! _DupEdge at the command prompt written "press enter when done"
How to get curve automatically?
exclusively this phrase: “press enter when done”


Hi Leex, I am not sure I understand the question but DupEdge leaves the result selected when the command ends, so OffsetCrvOnSrf already has a selection to work with- does that make sense with what you are asking?


Hi Pascal!
Sorry for my bad English ((

Command DupEdge able to extract any quantity of curves from different edges.
When enough curves is required “Enter” to finish.

But in our macros needs only one curve, which we use for ! _OffsetCrvOnSrf.

To once again not to press buttons I wanted to simplify the command! _DupEdge.
Extract a single curve excluding phrase “press enter when done”

I was trying write a macros but it did not work
! _DupEdge _Pause _Pause _Enter

Hi Leex- your English is just fine… I get the question now, and there is no good way to stop the selection process without an Enter key/Right mouse button/Spacebar. However, you can pre-select the edge with sub-object selection (Ctrl-Shift click on the edge) , then run the macro.