Split surface/brep 5k + holes


I am splitting a brep/surface with 5000+ holes.
Is there a way to speed up the brep split?

Is it possible to make like 50% of the holes in copyOfBrep1 and the other half in copyOfBrep2 and combine the holes?
Then I can copy the holes from copyOfBrep1 and copyOfBrep2 to a copyOfBrep so I have all holes in 1 brep. (I know maybe i can copy from Brep1 to Brep2, but how do I do this).

Hi Jordy,

Is your surface planar? If so you can use this method:


– Dale

No it is not planar. But is it possible to copy trims from 1 Brep to another when the basis of the Brep is the same?

I don’t understand - you mean another Brep already has 5000 holes? Perhaps I need to see what you have an what you are trying do to…

– Dale

No it does not.

I have 5000 squares. 1 Brep. It takes too long too split that Brep by looping through the rectangle surfaces and splitting it.

So I was thinking. Copy the basis Brep. Split Brep through thread 1 (first half). Split copy in thread 2 (second half).

After the 2 threads are ready. Copy the trims from Brep 2. To Brep 1.

So I can half the time of the trimming and then just copy the trims. Because the rhino does not have to calculate the trims only copy them.

All those rectangles are connected to 1 Brep. After 800 Splits it takes double the time of the 1st one already. The last one around 6 times of the first one.

So I have that insole without the rectangles. And the 5000 rectangles.

Jordy - can you post this model? I want to experiment…


– Dale

Sending you the file in a PM.

Hi @dale:
Have this problem sovle ? my job is create jewelly 3d model, I often need to make at least 300 holes in one model.