Clever ideas for Cutting 24K holes?

HI all,
I’m hoping someone has a clever suggestion for how to cut ~24K holes in a brep using cylinders as cutters (I know its a lot of holes). The holes are all at different angles. I tried to use solid difference but my computer just keeps totally choking on it. I thought maybe looping would offer an answer --just asking it to do one at a time and repeat… its great for the first couple hundred loops but then starts to slow down exponentially. I have attached here screenshots so you can see what I’m talking about… and also here is a link to my google drive with the GH file (which is about 50mb b/c of all that internalized data!):

Anyone have a clever work around (even if it takes all night to compute --I’ll be happy!).

Thanks for any suggestions!


You will be better off doing it in groups directly in Rhino.

Do you need it to be a solid? Can’t you make a surface and then extrude it diagonally?

I agree with @Michael_Pryor. I actually had to do something like this once, and baking it and grouping it was the only way to get it done. Just don’t forget to save your .3dm after every cut, in case you need to cancel a cut mid-way.

Tried to run it for about 30 min, went through 1200 loops and havnt find a noticeable slowdowns. Maybe due to computer overheat?