Split surface and delete what lies outside of the splitting curve

I wrote a definition where at the end I split a surface with a cutting curve. I use the “split surface” component for that and it works just fine. When I bake it back to Rhino at this point I get the expected result but then I have to delete everything that lies outside of my cutting curve manually and that takes a lot of time given the surface that i am cutting.
I think there should be a better way, i.e. deleting everything outside of my cutting curve in Grasshopper already BEFORE i bake thing to Rhino but I cannot think of how to make it happen in GH. Any ideas?
I am happy for any advise you might have. Thanks a lot for your help.
2022_01_15_Blouson_sleeve_definition.gh (19.5 KB)

2022_01_15_Blouson_sleeve_definition_re.gh (26.6 KB)