Split one curve into few curves

I am here to ask the question again. I wonder how to split one curve into a few curves. It would be better if I can control how many curves I want to divide. Thanks

190405.3dm (68.4 KB)
0405.gh (17.9 KB)

You can find the Shatter component in the curve menu–>Division tab.
Use “t”(parameter)output of Divide Curveto connect to “t” input ofShatter.

i tried and it can get the division segment of the curve but i want to get the point of the segment so that i can join them by the point. and it somehow failed. Or let me know if there is any other smarter way to do this. thanks so much, you really helped me.

Something like this?

0405_reV1.gh (25.9 KB)
Or this?

0405_reV2.gh (30.6 KB)

yes thanks so much!!! you are so awesome!~~~~~