How to shatter curves with certain points into different curve segments?


I was wondering how I could shatter/divide curves with certain points. Now I have used the component shatter, but this only works with 1 point and not with multiple points when there is a difference where the points are positioned.

So what I want to achieve is that I can chose certain lines like I did in the example file, shatter them between certain points, but the points can be different on each line that is made. In the example I want to just divide the first and last line with just 1 point but the others in between the last and first line must be shattert/divided by two points shown in the example.

I hope someone can help me out with this.


Shatter curve into (8.8 KB)

Shatter curve into (13.1 KB)


And again thanks Kim for fixing my problem! Really appreciate it. So it was about the line input should be grafted, so the point are being positioned on all the lines with the close to curve points component. I was trying to manipulate the data tree’s, but this is the right solution.