Split data from Excel File

Hi everyone

I have an excel spreadsheet with two columns. In the first cell is a text and in the second cell of the same row is a number.

A I 10
A I 20
B I 20
B I 30

My goal is to take the values in the first column and to use the text to split the list. Because the amount of values will grow, i can not split by index.
With the number i will then create rectangles.

Do you have any recommendation how to do that?


I like this plugin for excel

you might have to be a little more specific on “take the values in the first column and to use the text to split the list”

For the second part, Pancake’s Categorize Data may be useful.


Thx guys… I want to create rows with rectangles. All “A” rectangles in a row, All “B” rectangles in a row. So i want to split the list in A, B and in the future in C, D etc.

looks like you’ve got it, you can use the pancake component to get your branching or the more traditional CSET

here is a continuation per your additional questions

Awesome thanks… I made this. Far from perfect :slight_smile:

I will try yours!

ideally you wouldn’t flatten the branches, keeping the data structure intact as long as possible.

Sure yes. Thanks for the help.
Your script doesn’t work for me… The rectangles must have the exact same size as from the list item output…