Split in groups for area calculation

Hi, I have several pieces I’m trying to get the area for numerate for laser cutting but my system sucks and crash so I want divide into several groups maybe 10 and get the area calculation avoiding my computer crash for a lot of calculation.

I regulary dont use path mapper it is the good way to get the division?

Edit -
the idea is the groups contained almost the same elements in the group eventually the last one will be different

split in groups.gh (865.6 KB)

Several components of GH in R6 WIP support multithreading including “Area”.
If you have some difficulties of using path mapper, then why not use “Partition List”?
Also, it would not be easy to reduce your calculation time simply by grouping.
It might help calculate area one by one by using a loop algorithm…

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thank you so much I was confusing split list with partition list :confused:
How can I activate “loop algorithm”¿

What is the difference between " \ " and " / "

/ is regular division, \ is integer division. Integer division does not include any remainder.

@DavidRutten that option (marked in red in the picture) is available in Rhino 5?

thanks for the answers !

No, it was added quite recently. Rhino6 only.

I could swear that I had seen that icon before…

Rhino Nest works in R6?

Oh the Area component has been around for ages, since the beginning I imagine. But the double-dot options marked in red are a new feature.

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well I’m crazy haha as I said, I thought I had seen it before (the double-dot icon)

BTW the new feature works awesome. :ok_hand: