Split data-tree with custom masks. Quad mesh creation employing the derived points?

I have a grid of points where the structure of points is defined by the data-tree. I want to split/slice the data by a user-specified number of rings starting from the outside (1 ring comprises 2 outlines, 2 rings are formed with 3 outlines). I managed to get the desired output. The attached file is here: data-tree-quad-mesh-discourse.gh (21.2 KB)

However, I have two questions here:

  1. Is there any more efficient method with less split masks in order to get the same output?
  2. How can I employ the derived points for the creation of a mesh surface with quad mesh faces?

Thank you,

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Hi Ilja.

could you try to create some regions based on the data you already have? these could be rectangles, you could weave every second, extrude a simple brep and test for point in brep inclusion…?


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This could be a way of using one slider value for splitting mask.
you’ll need weaverbird plugin’sMesh From Lines(Weave Back) component.

data-tree-quad-mesh-discourse_re.gh (13.5 KB)


@HS_Kim you’re a star! Thank you

thank you @arcade.smith