"Split" Command Fails at Splitting

Hi all, I think this is a very common issue for many beginners but I can’t make split work for my architectural design.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me why my model keeps failing at splitting in half… Thanks so much.

ref.3dm (11.6 MB)

Hi @Tsukasa_Tanimoto,

You have a problem with the lower surface selected here:

you are trying to split through a singularity at the centre, which you will see if you extract the surface and untrim it:

If you copy the radial edge of the surface and flatten it out at the centre (e.g. by matching it to a horizontal line), and then revolve to create a new surface, to replace the old one, you will find that splits ok:

Note though that you will have to rebuild the entire object of which that surface is a part in order to get a closed object.

You may have other issues that are preventing a complete set of splits. A good tactic is to hide the parts you have split off so you are left with just what hasn’t separated - otherwise it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. Besides splits running through singularities look for splits that coincide with a coplanar portion of a surface. Run intersection between any recalcitrant surfaces and the splitting plane: if you don’t get a complete intersection then the surface won’t split.


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Again @jeremy5, similarly to my other post, thank you so so much for your help – I really appreciate it! Everything makes perfect sense! I’ve ended up changing the shape a bit to make it work :relaxed: