Split closed brep volume with multiple cutters?

If I have one closed volume and an arbitrary number of single surfaces that fully intersect it, how do I get all the split parts - like BooleanSplit or even Split would do? (without relying on scripted components or plug-ins hopefully, I’m trying to make this work in basic GH for both Mac/Win)

Thanks, --Mitch

There doesn’t seem to be a component in vanilla GH for that. There’s only a 1:1 brep splitter, not a 1:many splitter.
I can C# one for you though.

multisplit.gh (18.3 KB)

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The above is splitting though, it doesn’t yield closed breps with faces along the cutter geometry.

Thanks David ! I was afraid that it wasn’t possible with basic GH, I need to do a quick demo for a few students and I wanted to do it all in the base version. I’ll look into a workaround by building the thing out of discreet surfaces and joining instead of needing to split a volume, it’s just more complex to understand.

Maybe a new component for V6?


Hi Mitch,

Milkbox plugin has a component which creates closed solid cut segments.
It’s using Rhino’s BooleanSplit command.
I never tested it on Mac.
multisplit2.gh (19.7 KB)

I see this still hasn’t been fixed/implemented in R6? This seems like a pretty fundamental operation to me? :frowning: