Split all selected curves by all selected curves?

Hey! Is this possible with one command? Want to split all selected curves in their intersections. Second fast strategy would be make intersections (points) and then split with them (came to mind as I typed :wink:

@hannesgrebin, you could use a button macro for your second strategy. Note that there must be some intersection found, or it will fail:

! _Select _Pause _SetObjectName "tmp_crvs"
_Intersect _SetObjectName "tmp_pts"
_SelNone _-SelName "tmp_crvs"
_Split _-SelName "tmp_pts" _Enter
_SelNone _-SelName "tmp_pts" _Delete
_-SelName "tmp_crvs" _-SetObjectName ""


Thanks a lot @clement - this one is awesome!!!