Rhino 6 splash screen is still annoying

I was still hoping that Rhino’s splash screen wouldn’t be always on top of all the other windows in version 6 while starting. But unfortunately the most annoying thing about Rhino 5 is still unchanged in Rhino 6.

Because there must be somebody out there who loves the seven seconds of laying back in front of the computer and watching Rhino’s startup procedure while covering the most important part of the screen, may we it would be nice to add the latest XKCD or Dilbert clip or whatever to the splash screen for those people like me? That would be nice.

If that is too much work, may the McNeel might find and toggle the “always on top” bit or add a /notalwaysontop command line option.

That would be really nice!

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Does /nosplash work for you?

That ends in a workaround like the one in Rhino 5 splash screen is annoying . But there may be situations where one wants the splash screen.

A (un)checkable option in Rhino’s GUI would be the best:

Rhino Options:

[X] Show Splash Screen
__ [ ] Always On Top

Or an Extended Rhino Option:

Name / Value
RhinoOptions.General.ShowSplashScreen True
RhinoOptions.General.SplashScreenAlwaysOnTop False

The latter should be possible with some dozens of lines of code, I guess.

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I do not see personally why seven seconds is a problem.

If you start Rhino about 42 times a day 200 days a year you will see the problem.


Why do you start Rhino 42 times a day? Why do you need to restart it more than once or twice a day?

does something like this exist for mac?

I personally agree that the top-most over everything is not only annoying, it is IMO bad practice.

I have created https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43900 for this.


I don’t know, sorry. @marlin can tell you about that.

Problem is the Mac Rhino splash screen doesn’t go away at all until you choose between either opening a new document or an existing one…

This seems to be a tendency with a lot of programs these days.

I just click to kill the Rhino for Windows splash screen if I want to do something else while Rhino loads. I would prefer that it not always stay on top - that is annoying.

That is indeed the big problem here. For that I created the YT item.

I would prefer if we keep the discussion on the splash screen and not on how often one has to start Rhino.

But I’ll tell you: I run three to five instances of Rhino most of the time. In addition to that Rhino is my default application for DXF and STEP next to 3DM. And we import DXF and STEP files all of the day, sometimes directly from incoming e-mails.The whole day Rhino is started and closed. Sure, you can keep ot open, use File/Open… or you could drag a file from the file explorer to Rhino, but that’s not how we use it.

I’m just asking for removing one bit in the source code, to remove this might make a lot of users happy. To make it optional would be better.

We could probably add a /weaksplash option that makes the splash not be topmost. Unfortunately, it will likely also end up being behind other windows (even without you clicking them) as often as it is in front of them. I’m not interested in that being the default behavior.

Yes please. No need for it to be the default behavior, but it’d make Rhino so much nicer on startup…

edit: When I start Rhino and I activate another app while Rhino is still starting (nothing showing yet), then I fully expect Rhino to not pop up over the active app - splash or otherwise.

edit 2: Example: I start Visual Studio 2017 to type better code to ameliorate the effects of an embarrasing bug I unwittingly introduced. While VS2017 starts I switch to FireFox to read the lamentations and exultations from Rhino users. When VS2017 finally gets its application window ready it pops nicely behind the active FireFox. That is how a nice app should work.

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Yep, I hear you. And for years and years, we’ve heard people complain about Rhino starting up behind other applications. There is code all over the place that tries to make Rhino come forward. The hardest part about fixing this problem will be finding all those places and deleting them :slight_smile:

I would sleep like a happy user if all that ontopness were optional :slight_smile: probably ok to leave behind options in for those who want a naughty app ^.^

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Thumbs up. :smiley:

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I am sad because of this rhinoceros 6

How to change it, though 2 lines have crossed?