Spiral with a shape

Hi, need help with projecting a shape onto a spiral.
image (2)

that does not describe it well enough for me at least, can you try to elaborate a bit more?
it looks like you are trying to sweep it rather then projecting, but i can not say for sure.

Are you wanting to spin that down the length of the spiral? If so rail revolve may get you there

Hi @walczyk_karolina_m,

It does - assuming you do want the wave to get shorter as it goes down:

Sweep2 works as well, and seems to calculate a little more quickly:

Sweep1 with the Roadlike option allows you to keep the wave a constant length all the way down, the bottom then looking like this:

Whatever you want to do here, I’d recommend using Rebuild on the spiral to cut down the number of points and simplify it before manipulating the wave against it.


What I need it the “snail” shape to be the spiral. Sweep and Flow don’t work.

I don’t really need it to be solid. Imagine it as a metal spring, but in a shape of a snail, doing down.

please provide a sketch of what your intentions are.

Sorry, I have no idea what you mean by that.

This maybe?

Or this?


Edit: Hmm. I like @laurent_delrieu’s suggestion. Hope that is what you mean. Fingers crossed.

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This is exactly what I need! Do you mind sharing the commend you used?

my guess is he made a very long wavy curve and a spiral, then used flow

pro tip, you can use DimCurveLength to get the actual length of your spiral, then make you wavy curve the same length before you flow, that will avoid any distortion you’d get by having the flow option stretch set to yes.

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Sorry, you will need to tell me which one…

that one should do either, less to type :smiley:

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The first one Jeremy. Thank you!

As @theoutside surmised, I used flow along curve (_Flow). Just to clarify one thing he said: making the length of the wavy curve the same as the length of the spiral means making the baseline length (ie the straight line length from one end to the other) the same as the spiral, not the curve length of the wave.

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to ask.


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So you created the “snail” like shape, run a line same lenth as the spiral and then used Flow to project in on the spiral?
I’ve done just that but its not flowing, I got “morphed one object”

OK, if you could post the .3dm file with what you were doing in it here I’ll take a look - its much easier to diagnose a problem when one has the actual geometry to work with. You can include the file in your post by using the icon that looks like a filing tray with an arrow coming out of it at the top of the post editing panel.

Giondra (3.0 MB)