Special divide a curve

Hi everybody
I want to create script who can divide with special domain in Grasshopper.
The 1st curve I divided with 3 meters and result1 is good.
But result2 on second curve is bad {3,3,3,3,… 0.74}.
My purpose is on the screen - green list. {3,3,3,3,3,3,3,…2,0.74+1} => so if the last number of the sequence is less than 0.8, we will take 1 of the penultimate number of the sequence and add to the last
How I can divide with any curves with this condition?
I will be glad of any help

error 29-05-23.gh (25.3 KB)


I’m afraid you’ll have to build the list of distances by hand.
“Simple” maths at work here.

error 29-05-23.gh (32.3 KB)