SpaceMouse BUG with GH

Hi Guys,
I have problem with the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse:
the SpaceMouse didn’t get the focus when I’m working with pure GH geometry.

Here a short Video of the problem:

Could be possible to have the SpeceMouse been able to recognize the GH geometry and, maybe been able to navigate the GH canvas?


I’ve asked the 3Dconnexion developer who writes the plugin that ships with Rhino if he has an opinion on this one. I don’t think it’s a bug though since the plugin wasn’t designed for use with Grasshopper specifically. I see what you mean however and think it would be an interesting option to allow the selected GH component to control rotation center. If a selection contained real objects and GH components, I’d expect the bounding box center of both to be used.

I’m not sure about controlling the panning of the GH canvas but personally I like the way it works now where I can rotate the scene while the canvas still has focus.

Thanks Brian,
I already asked to the 3Dconnexion italian tech support and they told me the problem it’s on Rhino sides because they can’t “see” the GH geometry.

I think would be super useful to have the spacemouse fully working also for GH both for 3Dconnexion and McNeel… a new big market could open :wink:

Just add to the pile and fixit at the first occasion.
Maybe @DavidRutten could help us in this?

Thanks to all
Marry Christmas