3DConnexion Spacemouse in GH?

I use the 3DConnexion Spacemouse in Rhino - very helpfull, couldnt live without it !

Is it possible to use the spacemouse for navigation in Grasshopper?

I mean, Rhino is supported by 3DConnexion, so why not extend the Rhino 3Dmouse commands into the Grasshopper window as well?

That would be a very nice workflow feature, zooming in and out from component detail to overview of entire GH project.



I’ve raised this issue several years ago and the answer (given by DR) was NO. Maybe something has changed over the years. It would very helpful as I am also attached to my spacemouse.

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I too keep expecting this to work.

I’ve asked the same in the past.
Should be time to fix it, right @DavidRutten?

I’ve been using 3Dconnexion for ages.
My experience is that you get much more productive if you use a razer tartarus with custom shortcuts.
it might seem irrelevant, but where you lose time is not so much the navigation as the typing and searhing for buttons on the screen.
(If only somebody would combine 3dconnexion and erebus in a single device!!!)

If Eto or RhinoCommon provides me with a reliable way to handle spacemouse events I’ll make it work for Grasshopper 2. There’s also various amounts of touch-screen events that should be handled better.

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A “patch” of workarounds and tricks… still somewhat a pseudo-solution:

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