Sorting shading modes list

is there a way to sort the list of the shading modes in the display mode menu and the display tab?
they are not sorted alphabetically and the ones that i created last appear at the bottom of the drop-down-list, which is inconveniant, if you have many different display modes.

cheers roberto

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Hi Roberto- so far as I know there is none, but it might make sense to be able to reorder the list in Options > View > Display modes top page with a ‘Move Up/Move Down’ buttons or even dragging. I can imagine some pushback from the developers if we want to allow reordering of the default modes installed by Rhino- we might want to keep those in place as installed to aid in training/tech support, I am not sure. In any case, I will add your comments to our bug tracker.



hi pascal,
would be a nice option.
if sorting of the defaults is a problem, one could stil copy the defaults, rename the copies, delete the originals and sort the copies?