Display Mode list

Does anyone know if there is a way to manually rearrange the display modes so the most used ones are at the top and the least used are at the bottom. I’ve created a new display mode but I can’t move it to the top o the list where I would like to see it.

What specific list are you describing?
Maybe a screenshot would be helpful.

Is this really a barrier to productivity?

I created a new display mode called “Surface Evaluation”. It would be helpful if it was at the top of the list when I pull down the display menu in one of the views (e.g. perspective). I assume that if the new display mode is on the top of the list in the options menu it will be at the same location in the pull down menu.
display list

What happens if you export all the other ones, then delete them. And import them back after your custom mode in the order you want them?

Good idea. I tried this but after I export and delete all the display modes the Options list shuts down and when I reopen it to import the display modes, the list is shown with all the display modes in their default order. When I import my new display mode it still ends up at the bottom. Even if this worked, its a helluva of a lot of work to go through just to reorder a list. I’ll have to do it again when Thea is compatible for V7 and their display mode is available. I wish McNeel would just provide the ability to reorder the list by selecting a display mode and dragging it to a new location.

What about assigning a hotkey to the modes you use the most.
That way they will be quickly available without the need to scroll through the list.


Yes, I could do that. I have about 40 aliases that currently use. I think my memory is maxed out. For each new one that I remember I seem to forget a different one. Re-ordering seems to make the most sense, but if this is too difficult to change, I’ll just work through it.

Yes for sure
But if you have a device with configurable buttons…

it is very comfortable and light on human memory.


Trouble is that you can’t teach an old mouse new tricks…

hi All,

Yes, there is a way to do it currently but only with this custom script (Windows only):
DIG_OrderDisplayModes.rvb (1.6 KB)

Save the above script on your HD and drag-and-drop the file into open Rhino viewport to install.

ReorderDisplayModes command will be available now with a dialog to rearrange the order or sort them alphabetically.

Please note, in case you have some ‘hidden’ modes (not visible in the viewport menu) they will always be added at the bottom of the list.




Terrific!! Works like a charm…
Just what I was looking for.
Much thanks!

You are a god-send. Thanks Jarek!