Sorting points & Hetero mapper

Hello everyone,

I have two issues with my file. Maybe they are easy to resolve but I can’t find a solution.

The first is on the area where I am changing division count on the curve, every two divisions I increase the curve gets messed up without understanding why since the point count is the same.

And the second one is with the Hetero mapper I want to have 10 output numbers but by default is 9 resulting in an uneven scale of the curves along the length of the shape.

Thank you for your time.

Alexandros (13.9 KB)

You should provide the same number of input values as your circles for Hetero Mapper. (16.7 KB)

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Hello @HS_Kim

Thanks for your help once again. I should be able to see that easier :sweat_smile:

Regarding the other issue of increasing the count of division points does it makes sense that every two more divisions the curve gets messed up?

I’d rather prefer this way… (18.2 KB)

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Works great.
Thank you @HS_Kim