Sorting mesh faces by UV and breaking them into tree branches (490.1 KB)
(This is an approximate mesh, but it should work…? Also, I need a mesh input, can’t have anything else.)
image I wish to sort my mesh faces in a mobius such that each strip is a tree branch, unfortunately have been struggling with it.
I’ve tried starling, weaverbird, ivy, m+ etc, to no avail. Attached here is a approximation of the mesh…rather inaccurate, but i did the best i could to approximate mobius logic.


this might be kind of solution… (504.9 KB) (926.9 KB)

This demonstrates the basic idea of partitioning the list of mesh faces (white group): (285.2 KB)

The tricky part is determining the partition size, which is 98 in this case. I used visual inspection (cheating!) and then spent some time trying various ways to derive that number from the geometry. All failed so far.

@Jakinta, I was blocked from full access to your model by a combination of missing plugin and R6 components that aren’t compatible with R5.


I can see enough, however, to understand that you are using the NURBS surface edges to derive the partition value. Did you also get 98?

@18522067602, the R6 Relay component breaks your code for me in R5. It looks like you are dividing the NURBS surface with Isotrim and then converting each subsurface into a mesh?

Not sure that either solution will satisfy @aeaechan96, who wants a mesh input?

Yes, i got 98 as well.

here it is r5 compatible file… (269.8 KB)

That works. I see that you are deriving the number along a horizontal edge (240), then getting 98 from that (23520 / 240 = 98).

Here’s another way (cyan group). Brutal but effective in this case, and it uses only the mesh, not the base surface. (289.1 KB)


Hey! Just looked through this and it’s worked best, to an extent, its now occasionally having horizontals instead of verticalsimage . If I find a way to further update this, will certainly upload, in the meantime, this is a beautiful script, thanks so much!

I can’t tell much from that screen shot, other than it does not appear to be a Möbius strip? Posting a model is worth a thousand pictures.