Help! mesh trim

Tell me how to cut out a piece of relief from a mesh geometry using a contour? how does finch 3d do it

Hi @sambrari95,

Would you attach th .gh file, so that we can build on what you have so far?



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

you are welcome)
Test (6.2 KB) Test 1.3dm (89.4 KB)

Until some good Samaritan provides a solution with native GH things get the attached (NOT using the Project Method for the base in order to deal with “any” Mesh [negative slopes and the likes] - this means an ugly base Mesh, mind). (323.8 KB)

Update: R5 Split Mesh works when it works (meaning that occasionally you’ll get bananas - blame tol? blame Karma? who knows?). Plus as I said in your other thread R5 Mesh Append works when it works (meaning that occasionally the “joined” Mesh is not closed as expected). See bananas results using far more “automation” than in the C# as above (and parcel footprint Lists resulting terrain Lists with voids/holes etc etc). I could fix these issues - the hard way - but I never use Meshes for terrains (nor I use Meshes for anything other than tensile membranes) so that’s well outside my range of interests.

Same “join” failure if the useFootprints option is set to false: