Divide curve with straight lines

Hi experts
again i need your experience to do some task.
i have divide curve by given lengths but the curve divided by arc lenghts.
i want the lengths to be point to point straight. so i can draw lines on each point to point.
please share your thaughts.

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Bridge Test.gh (11.8 KB) Bridge Test.3dm (5.6 MB)

not an expert here :slight_smile: but I would create 2 nested loops, like a(b)

loop b:
-> input: desired line length ( fixed variable as length tolerance)
-> takes the curve provided by loop a and slides (evaluates) a point p along its length
-> calculates the distance between p and the start point of the curve
-> if distance falls within the desired length +/- tolerance, the point p is output to loop a
-> otherwise the point is slided again +/- tolerance and the distance is recalculated

loop a:
-> trims (shatters and picks) the curve in such a way it starts at -last provided- point p

Thanks very much for your explanation but will be more easily understood by a small script.

Your approach looks reasonable to me but far more complex than necessary?

Bridge Test_2020Nov5a.gh (11.9 KB)

Same code with white group added.

Bridge Test_2020Nov5b.gh (12.7 KB)

I absolutely agree with you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have anyway tried to make a fast and dirty sample just to check if it’s worth looking into

Bridge Test_maybe.gh (28.4 KB)

Thanks you very much. thats what give me more knowldge. have a great day.

Thanks very much i really appreciate your help.

I forgot one important detail though… Most of the extra complexity that I removed was to keep the roadway level instead of allowing it to tilt as the pFrames adapt to curvature. I fixed that below by adding the cyan group to realign the pFrames to replace the hFrames used by @mainisl2. .

The red preview is the corrected code, the white structure is from the previous post.

Bridge Test_2020Nov5c.gh (15.4 KB)

I’m sorry to be distracted, I have ignored the primary issue described above and in the thread title.

To demonstrate, I created a PolyLine from the Evaluate Length points, then listed the segment lengths. They are very close but not exactly the distances expected.

Divide Distance doesn’t help here because the points are not all the same distance apart.

So what comes to mind is an iterative (looping) approach that finds points by intersecting circles of appropriate radius (distance). Is that what you want?

this is the smart solution to this problem, I didn’t even think about it :slight_smile:

This is an Anemone loop (blue group) that accepts a list of distances between points and a curve, then uses spheres to find the exact distance (radius) to the next point on the curve.

Bridge Test_2020Nov5d.gh (31.2 KB)

Notice that the polyline segment lengths are exactly the same as the list of distances between points.

When the fascination of watching the loop wears off (and it’s fully debugged), it’s worth a try to replace the “Classic” Anemone components with the “Fast” components.

Much faster! Not as much fun to watch.
Bridge Test_2020Nov5d2.gh (33.2 KB)

P.S. As before except geometry is internalized, no need for 5.6 MB Rhino file.

Bridge Test_2020Nov5d3.gh (34.8 KB)

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This is almost the same as my last post with changes in the Anemone loop (same method, same results) and emphasis on the thread title by creating the polyline (top right gray group) from the Anemone loop points. The bridge is constructed at the bottom.

div_crv_distance_2020Nov6a.gh (29.8 KB)

Hi Sir
Thanks for your breif explanation and help.
This helps me alot.
Its my goal to do such thngs to get to know about functions well. I am Mostly involved in Bridge design so I am posting this kind of questions to further my knowledge. I will have to add piers and give a super elevation in further but I don’t want jump in all at once.