Sort list error can't be fixed

hello, i was trying to do a tutorial i saw on youtube and did almost everything the same (expect i did the overall shape a little more different than whats on the tutorial) but even though i did everything the same, by the end of it when i added the sort list panel it was red and said “key and value lists have different lenghts”
i’ve tried to change every value i’ve given from beggining to end yet it doesn’t change, i don’t know what should i do
can you tell me what should i change ?
Thank you so much
asd.3dm (85.1 KB) (19.6 KB)

It seems you forgot to flatten Lengthcomponent’s L output. See red group. (19.3 KB)

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hi, thank you so much for repyling
when i open the file you’ve attached the model looks all black and when i try to extrude or off set surface it gives me error

also i want to ask about baking
where should i click and say bake?

if i select the last join panel and bake, it’s still all black, i also want to give it a tickness, the extrude panel won’t connect to it

im really new to this program so my knowledge is incoherent, sorry about that

thank you for your time

As you can see at the very end of the definition, the result fr Brep Join is already a Closed Brep, ie a solid that is…so you don’t have to use offset.
Just bake the Brep Joinresult.(You can hover your mouse courser over the Brep Joincomponent–>RMB–>choose Bake(The sunny side up icon))

And you can solve the black display problem by assigning your own material to the Custom Previewcomponent, or just delete that if you don’t need any preview materials.