List keys doubled because of subtree?

Hey there,
i need offsets of curves (outlines of non-planar breps), and some of the offset curves “go inside”. So i do both sides and check which of the bounding boxes is smaller in volume, to sort out which offset is the proper one.

But sort list says my lists have different length but it’s only a subtree in my oppinion. How can i alter the lists hierarchy to get the sorting to work?

If anybody knows how to ensure the offset a brep to always in the outer direction, this won’t be needed

1)You could try feed a plane into the curve offset.7
2)Sort should work after shifting the paths back.
3)Posting a file would help to help. (24.1 KB)

can you please elaborate 2)?

use shift paths or trim tree

Thats what i was looking for

thank you

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wow, didn’t know this was possible.
Where do you learn these tricks?

You are already on the right spot.
Also from collagues.
Sometimes accidently playing around.

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