Sort breps that have same Y value

i want the breps that their center points have the same y value to be in their own list in the same tree!
this usually can be done easily with duplicate value list but this time it didnt work!!! help pleasee! for school project for tomorrow!!!

FOR (414.3 KB)

I can’t run the definition, as it uses a bunch of plugins, but here’s a quick edit of this script to instead group Breps along Y: (15.0 KB)

the definitons doesnt use any plugins,its divided into two parts,you can ignore the first part as it is about something else

I can’t open your definition either. Try internalizing your data. But to sort the curves is very simple with no python necessary if you want. Give me 5 mins to get something to you. (340.7 KB)



Hey that was mine (Technically yours Originaly). :stuck_out_tongue: You beat me to it. I was till opening rhino.

guys it didnt work for me i upldoaded the gh file without plugins and internalised please help me

plus i need the points to have the same y not z

it didnt work :frowning:

I might be misunderstanding the problem, but is that not what the script I posted does? (341.9 KB)

Of course it works :exclamation: (350.4 KB)

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SIR YES ITS WORKING ty i thought it showed me red so its not working but it works now , is there any way you can do it with grasshopper components ? or is there anyone who could do this in grasshopper using components please?

what did u write in the y expression in deconstruct ?


Look at it, I posted the GH code :exclamation: :question: I rounded Y values to one decimal place.

So sort the branches by Y. :roll_eyes: Are you helpless with GH?


ty so much i did it now!!!