Sort Random Points in Same Plane Highest Y

Okay, so I Need to cull all but 1 Highest (Or Lowest) Y point in the same X Length.
Below, Rough terrible markup but I need the points not X ed out.

Points Sort (5.3 KB)
I checked out one that @Joseph_Oster demonstrated. But his mind is way above mine and I could not understand how to convert his gh to what I need to do.

I also looked at a few other topics but to no avail. The best I was able to come up with was culling all the points which defeats the purpose of my goal.
Any help would be appreciated.

Points Sort (7.0 KB)

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Thank You so much @ThomasE ! You are AMAZING! :grinning: Works perfect!

I broke something. I think it has something to do with my data trees.

Would you mind looking at this for me?
I would like to keep the same tree structure if possible. As in, I need to be able to have each set of points separate. At the moment each set of points are in a separate branch.
I think that I am just missing something dumb. This might just be one of those oh duh moments. :thinking: (63.8 KB)

Now I’ve really messed things up. :expressionless: :tired_face:

For one thing, you have zero-length line segments. For another thing, you have overlapping line segments, GIGO! I’m not amused enough to dig any deeper. (121.9 KB)


So sorry… No joke I am unamused to.
I though that I had got rid of all of those. Please don’t give up on me yet. :pleading_face:
Let me try and get rid of those lines. Be right back.

Ok that should do the trick… Hopefully… :grimacing:
The data tree does not look that pretty.
Help (279.4 KB)

I found the culprit of my 0 length lines. The section that was supposed to get rid of them was not working as I thought. :man_facepalming:


When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

By the way, in your earlier file I had to extract the Graft input to see what was being grafted, which doubles the file size. Please use appropriate params to internalize geometry instead of internalizing component inputs.

Yes sir. Thank you. I will stop digging myself a pit. Its getting pretty deep.
Ok, makes sense, I will do that also. Sorry about that.
I have to go pick up a truck that’s been in the shop for like 3 weeks.
You know what they say about Fords. 90 percent of Fords are still on the road today, the rest made it home.
Be back.

No, I’ve never heard that slur against Fords. My experience with them has been excellent. I won’t be holding my breath for your return.

Its just a joke. We have found fords to be pretty reliable to. That being said, a 11 grand repair bill because they did not stick a filter after the fuel pump is pretty hard to swallow.

Thank you for not holding your breath.

Ok so the reason for all these overlapping and 0 length lines is because I projected the wireframes of my parts onto xy xz and yz planes. Thus it gave me all these lines that need cleaned up. I though that I had gotten rid of the 0 length lines (I hadn’t) and Topologizer was supposed to clean the overlapping lines up.
Apologies for that. We all have to learn sometime. Can’t just know everything.

On the other hand… you started with working code provided a month ago by @ThomasE, you broke it and couldn’t figure out why. I have little sympathy for that. You break it, you own it.

Excuses by beginners get tiresome.

This ignores X and shows the min/max points in Y for each group: (57.6 KB)

Probably not what you want but it’s all I’ve got. Points like the white one below indicate that some of your line segments are fragments that don’t belong there?

P.S. As you can see in this panel of points sorted by Y:

  • there are multiple points at each extreme of Y with different X values
  • there are rounding issues

Its my own fault, I already know that.

Thanks for trying. I will get back to you with a clean wireframe.

Don’t bother on my account, I’m done. Think it through and keep it simple!

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quick fix to work with trees. (62.0 KB)

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Hey thanks!
I have actually made it pretty far so far. Learning a lot. I rebuilt and simplified a lot of different parts of my code thanks to @Joseph_Oster’s helpful unhelpfulness.
Below is a pic of how far I made it on my own. Work in progress.
There are still a few spots that I cannot figure out. Its like I have one index swapped with another.

Thanks for looking into this for me @ThomasE !

:rofl: You mean I didn’t do all your work for you?

You’ll learn more by studying other people’s code, understanding it and doing it yourself.

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Love it!

Also love it!