Sometimes holes fail

operations with holes sometimes fail:
Removing holes flattens the solid.
Moving holes moves one surface (of bottom)


Upload an example file if possible.

Does the problem occur on trimmed surfaces with holes which intersect the edges? If so closing the hole using Untrim may also untrim other trimmed edges. In that case Undo. If you don’t have the curve used originally to create the desired trimmed edge make a copy of it using DupEdge or DupBorder. If needed edit the copy of the trimming curve to what you want. Now Trim the surface as desired.

Link adress is below the image:

Downloaded the file and opened it.

DeleteHole causes unusual behavior, probably because the hole intersects the trimmed edge of the top surface.

Explode the solid
Delete the inner surfaces of the holes
Untrim the curved "chamfers which the holes intersected. Ellipsoids result.
Untrim the holes in the bottom surface.
Untrim the holes in the top surface. The top surfaces becomes an untrimmed rectangle.
Trim the ellipsoids using the untrimmed top surface.
Trim the ellipsoids using the edge surfaces.
Join all surfaces execpt the top surface.
Trim the top surface using the joined surfaces.
Join the top surface to the other surfaces.

Thank you so much for answering
for me it was not too obvious why.
I preferred to redo from the beginning the object (not cost much time).
Clearly, there are many things to consider
in the process of drawing (who and when to put-a hole in this case) ’

translated by Google sorry …