Some surface doesn't create the intersection (22.9 KB)

Hello, I made the scripts for design pattern, and i thought it can be worked properly for any surfaces, but in this case which i attached was working weirdly.
could someone tell me how to solve the problem?
Best, Keisuke

Your fragments are not planar, so offset curve is failing.
The warning message of offset curve is telling you what to do!
2023-04-06 13_23_05-Window
You can use your initial surface, convert it to plane, and use that plane.

Then you have your fragments oriented randomly (clockwise/counterclockwise), so you again can use the initial surface as curve, and use that curve as guide to flip all the fragments to the same direction (cw/ccw).

See attached: (19.4 KB)

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Dear Riccardo,
Thank you as always!
I still not fully understand the way to check whether the surface i created is planar or not.
Do you know some useful ways to do that?

Best, Keisuke

There is a component for that, it has a very catchy name - Is Planar.
It returns two values, booleans and face normals.