[SOLVED] RunScript Error: Unable to load plug-in


so I try to run an external Rhino Script from within my own C# plug-in using the RhinoApp.RunScript method. Loading seems to be fine, but then I get the error message:

"Unable to load plug-in: plugin-in ID not found in registered plug-in-list"
and then the ID of the plug-in that Rhino can’t find in the list

I checked that by looking into it using the PluginManager, and indeed: the ID of the Command/Plug-In that I try to run from my code (which I have installed previously) is different to the one, the error message gives me.

But why is that? The path that I typed into the RunScript Command is correct. Does anyone know something about this issue? Can someone help me get this to run?


Oh ok, sorry. The solution is much simpler than I thought.

If you want to just run a command from a plug-in that you already have installed, you can just call
RhinoApp.RunScript(“name of the command”, echo);

Simple as that.

Hi @Ivan1,

Here are more details to using RhinoApp.RunScript that you might find helpful.

– Dale