[SOLVED] Rhino for Mac license restore


I bought a license for a Rhino5 Mac shortly after its release, on summer 2015.

Recently my HDD failed, so I have to replace it and install a new OS and various programs, including Rhino. Luckily, I did backups for my drawings, so all I need is to reinstall software and continue my work… Right?

Well, wrong. The problem is that I can’t retrieve my license key, so the Rhino just refuses to work completely.

Original email with purchase info and the key is lost now (probably because I stored my email base on a local pc - can’t find it via mail web interface too).

I’ve tried to find my license on this page:

But I do not know what to type in “Serial Number” field. This is the about window in my Rhino:

Obviously, there is no serial number (5B161 doesn’t work, tried it).

What should I do?

I sent a message via “Contact us” form on the rhino3d.com and described my problem. Anything else?

Thank you.

EDIT: Support answered after a couple of hours. I must say that I didn’t expect such a speed, it’s a 1st january! Looks like McNeel has the best support team in the world.

That will probably get you there - the most direct way is to contact the McNeel sales department directly at sales@mcneel.com

Around this time of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a bit extra time to get a reply, though. :cake: :tada: :cocktail:

Me neither. But they answered only after several hours! Problem solved.