How to recover license key from Rhinoceros 7 Mac?

I installed Rhino Mac update and when I open a new document it asks for the password. It ask me product license key.
I don’t remember it nor do I have the license key written down. I tried to recover it through the “Where is my license key?” but I couldn’t, because the provided paths didn’t work.
What should I do? I need you to tell me a step-by-step, simple and objective way that works to recover my license key.
Can someone from this forum guide me how can I do this?

Hi Anselmo, Please contact tech support or sales for licensing questions. The Sales team can verify your identity and send you your license key if need be. Rhino - Rhino Support

Japhy, thank you very much for your response.
The sales team here in São Paulo contacted the McNeel Center in the United States to solve the problem because they can’t do it here.
I’m waiting for the solution, but I don’t know when they will answer me!¿

Waiting for return

There should be someone in the office in Seattle at this hour. Otherwise McNeel Miami is responsible for South America and it’s 11:30 AM there now.

You Locked your license to your iMac in February.
It should run there.

Your license key was delivered to you by email in August.
Here is the record of the message:
Aug 2022 McNeel Electronic License Delivery (Sent Successfully via amazon (http))

Since you’re in Brazil, the Miami office is your bet support option:


Perhaps you misunderstood my response regarding Jefry’s message.
I contacted the representative company at Mc Neel here in São Paulo - BR, RBFD Tecnologia Ltda - ME, which sold me the Rhino.
They tried to solve the problem here and concluded that the block could only be undone by Rhino’s central, Mc Neel which has all my license data. They informed me that they contacted you forwarding the problem and are waiting for a return with the solution, informing me what must be done.
I think it’s not such a serious problem, if only because RDFD informed me that the same thing happened to other Rhino users around here.
Therefore, do not waste time informing me about the network of representatives in Latin America. I already have contact with the RBFD, which serves me very well, which is
I would be grateful if you guys would just fix the problem, because I’m at a standstill with my work.


McNeel Miami is the McNeel office responsible for your area They can fix your problem (or Seattle can). Rhino resellers like RDFD do not have access to McNeel’s license database and servers and thus can not do anything to fix a “stuck” license.

Thanks for your answer.