[Solved] Not being able to print unicode characters


Am I doing something wrong? Why am I not being able to print unicode character for “squared”



print(u"{0} x\u00b2 +{1}x+{2}".format(a,b,c))

(and using a font type which has this symbol, otherwise a ‘?’ will show up)

Makes sense (I’ll have to find such font), but what about the font that’s inside the editor?

for me it works (German). maybe an issue with the font. Are you using Bulgarian or German language?

English(US) on personal PC and German on the work PC.

That’s weird though, I just tested it in my work PC:

I do not understand, my home PC is set to support Unicode simply because of Bulgarian I use there. By default English(US) does not support Unicode. German does because of the umlauts and s-zet. I guess I should look into my home PC setup again. Maybe some Windows10 update messed up my setup.

Thanks for pointing that out Tom.