[Solved] Creating a tangent straight connection between two circles

I want to create a straight line that is tangent on both connecting circles.

What I’m trying to do is build a shape from these circles;

Most tricky are the different sized ones, is there a way to just draw a line around two circles so I could trim out the parts I need?


too simple…
Curve -> Line -> Tangent to two curves

Just a suggestion for future posts - I was going to post “what circles?” before I realized they were nearly black on a black background. Very hard to see!

Mm, I guess your contrast is a lot lower then mine, I’ll change the background next time! Thanks for the tip

Those circles are hardly visible on a calibrated monitor. I guess if your contrast is set so high that you´re able to comfortable see these circles, you shouldn`t do too many print jobs where color matters. :wink:


Oh I might need to look into that, any way to calibrate one you could advice?

I´ve been using an X-Rite with basICColor. There are other colorimeters today which include hardware and software. If you are on a laptop, do not expect wonders. :wink: A Spyder5 pro might be enough.


I might just ask around if someone has a device like that to just calibrate my monitors once, not doing enough work where it would otherwise matter, but I’ll be sure to look into it!


Thx for the solution
Since is on top of google research

Maybe you have to try the alternative colour space. There are two main colour space settings:

  1. Limited range 15-235. Most regular screens use that range.
  2. Full range 0-255. Works on a small number of screens that are capable of rendering the full range of colour grades. Usually those are HDR enabled.