[solved] Can i edit the balance point path?

Hi, im new to bongo and i have a problem… maybe some one has the answer :slight_smile:
is there a way to edit the balance point path? so the robo. arm moves straight on → then down and not with this swing.

Hi David,

The curvy trajectory of the object is probably the result of the ‘Tweening’. Tweening smoothens the transition of an action around and about a keyframe. Check out this page : http://bongo.rhino3d.com/page/tweening-1

To get the path composed of straight segments the Tweening for Position should be set to “Linear”

You can do this simultaneously on all keyframes involved in the objects action (like in the image above), or every keyframe one by one.

In Bongo’s options you can pick the initial tweening (which by default is Cardinal spline).


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Thanks! it works now like it should :slight_smile:

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