Motions unpredictably depart from move positions

A simple 3-position move results in unplanned behavior :

I turned on curve editor -

but was unable to make any modifications to the displayed curves. In the past, even flattening the curves would only minimize the effect, not eliminate it.

ANY Suggestions ?

Thanks -


The tweening is probably set to Cardinal spline, which tries to smooth out the movement.
If you change the tweening to Linear it should give you the desired result.

Yeah, except that Linear helps, but does NOT eliminate the problem, as it calculates from start point to end-point with the intermediate point simply a pause along the way.

The TRUE solution would be simple point-to-point calculations, allowing the user to accelerate and decelerate at the intermediate points if the pre-calculated start and stop point softening accelerations aren’t sufficient, you know, something like we had in BO-1, that we lost in BO-2, leading to not being able to precisely time starts and stops at specific points. But then in BO-1, we were only able to set “all” motion accelerations to zero, and other accelerations would have to be set one at a time. Tedious, but we could find a stop-point. decelerate to it, and even if different components decelerated to a specific point in space at different rates, they all STOPPED at the SAME PLACE at the SAME TIME , THEN moved on as needed timed EXACTLY WHEN NEEDED. See example provided above.

Thanks for trying. I really do appreciate it.


Can you please send me an example model showing that Linear tweening doesn’t work?

I just made your example animation in Bongo 2 and I get this result:

The animation on the left is using Cardinal Spline and the one on the right is Linear Tweening.