SolidWorks import

when will the import of SolidWorks parts be implemented into Rhino for Mac ?

Probably never.

SolidWorks files are a proprietary file format and requires a third party library from Dassault Systems for us to read the files. They provide a library for Windows OS programs for reading SolidWorks files, but they do not provide the same for OS X. And likely never will.

If Rhino for Mac can’t support importing SLDPRT file from SolidWorks, what is the best intermediate file format to transfer models between these two programs?

i second the question from cecilyen - what is the best intermediate format?

Er use STEP AP214 for exchange with solid works as it keeps also colors etc.

Second that. STEP is the general go to intermediary and should work well most of the time. Try STEP first. However, depending on file specifics, sometimes, but not often, another format may yield better results (properly formed surface, closed solid, etc.)

If STEP is not working satisfactory, then try anything the two may exchange, i.e. IGES, etc. If there is an issue, sometimes you will be able to repair the exploded import with native tools and re-join. If still an issue, another, though more painful, option, is to rebuild the offending original surface(s) via different means and re-export. Sometimes doing so will solve issues in that quandary.