Solid Union Fails

Brep union Fails to perform. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Brep Union (17.7 KB)
Thank you…

The quickest solution to get a single closed volume is by using ShrinkWrap in Rhino WIP.

The pipes are too identical for the brep union to work consistently.

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Yes I am aware of ShrinkWrap. But I don’t have access to Rhino WIP yet. So do you have any alternative for this problem?

Why not?

You could also use the topologizer plugin to clean up a list of curves and then multipipe. It’s a bit of a trial and error but the result can be nice and closed.

If you are not on MAC you can use Dendro then QuadRemesh.

Hi Laurent,
This was the First pulgin I tried it definetly works. In order to move ahead in my project I need to make sure the geometry is a Brep. I tried converting the Mesh into a brep later but this is the result.

Eval licence maybe.

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QuadRemesh has an “Convert to SubD” option, SubD can be converted to Brep afterwords.

For sure it is very simple and fast. The only problem will be the ends. But it is easy to correct inside Rhino.

Brep Union problem (3.0 MB)

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