SolidPointCollide doesn't work, points go through solid without colliding

I’m creating an inflatable structure with the shape of a hollow tube whose diameter increases towards its outer edges:

The top and the bottom of the tube are restrained by conical caps; if the tube starts being inflated, the caps prevent the air from getting out of the tube (just as the metallic rims of a wheel prevent air from getting out of the tires):

I want to simulate this behavior on Kangaroo 2, using the SolidPointCollide component. However, I’m unable to make the tube collide with the caps – when the tube starts inflating with the Pressure component, it gets through the caps as if they did not exist:

I tried changing the Interior parameter of SolidPointCollide to “False”, but it still doesn’t work and gives a weird result. Both caps are closed Breps that are further converted to Meshes and Triangulated. I also tried connecting the Breps directly to the SolidPointCollide component (without converting to mesh nor triangulating), but that doesn’t work either.

What can I do to solve this problem? Is SolidPointCollide the right component to use, or should I use another Kangaroo component?

Thanks for your attention! Here’s the GH file: Inflatable (76.0 KB)

Hi Victor,
It looks like the volumes you are using to collide with are not closed solids
(you can check this by connecting them to a volume component and seeing if it gives an error)
Try fixing the meshes and see if it works then.

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You were right Daniel! Indeed, the meshes were open – I used the MeshCaps component from the Mesh+ add on to close them. Here’s the result… Thank you very much! Inflatable (84.6 KB)

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