Solid Intersection from Sets - Boolean vs Brep-Brep

Hi all,

I’m starting a new thread, since the relevant one I found on the boards developed into something very specific which hasn’t solved my problem…

I am working on a simple “egg-crating” script to handle the cut-outs in two sets of “boards”.

I am finding that the Solid Intersection components works just fine in some cases (where for example my “Y Slices” selection is only one brep), but fails completely when I am intersecting two sets. The two attached images should explain what is not working.

Here is the very simple script I am using:

The lower script works just fine with both inputs as sets. The top one works fine as shown, but if I select several items for “Y Slices” I get nothing - no intersections at all.

If I do the operating in Rhino, it works just fine…



PS: I think I found a different approach which may end up being much faster for removing material where I need to, but still it bugs me this didn’t work :slight_smile: