Problem with multiple Extrude Points

I made a definition for multiple Extrude Points
I use the voronoi 3d, points, planes, sorted the surfaces and curves, but was tripped up on the most important thing. Extrudion does not work as I wanted.
I had a mistake somewhere. Please help me deal with this mess.

This is what I got in GH

did manually

Multiple Extrude Point.3dm (265.1 KB)
Multiple Extrude (22.8 KB)


There is no reason why your end border curves would end up in the same order of the points. Split Brep Multiple does not keep input information of that sort.
I added a proximity test to reassociate a curve to its summit at the end.

Are you really sure the points are correct ? Casting a Brep to a Plane to retrieve the origin seems weird. I changed to an Area component to pick the center of each Brep instead.

Multiple Extrude (27.5 KB)

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Interface Name: Rhinoceros 7.25 - Corporate, build 2022-11-09 - (compiled Nov 9 2022)

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Hi Magicteddy,
Thank you very much, now I realized where my mistake was.
I wrestled with that for days :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,
This is very important information. I could not even think. Thank you

I always use the license version!
My computer has broken. And I rented from my student. He is absent now and when he returns I will ask, if he uses a pirate program. If this is true then I will cruelly punish him. Perhaps I will have make to him so hurt. So he will look like a pirate.

I tested it on the Sphere.
It doesn’t work correctly. I can’t understand why.

Multiple Extrude Point on (137.9 KB)

You need to use a different method to find the center of your curves.

I divided the curves and averaged the resulting points. The result could be improved but it’s good enough for what’s needed here.

When your script fails to offset a brep, it leaves a copy of the source brep in the rhino document and returns a small surface.

This is the result with your script with the offset distance set at -0.10 after the correction shown above.

The grey brep failed to offset and was left in the rhino document after the script finished. The surface returned by your script is so small it can’t be seen at this zoom level.

I wrote a script using the RhinoCommon Brep.CreateOffsetBrep() method. It takes less than half the time your script was using. It also gives a warning and returns a null if it fails on one of the breps. This allows you to decide how to proceed. I chose to pass on the original brep without offset to the rest of the definition and show a transparent preview of it.

All of your breps produce offsets if you change the distance from -0.10 to -0.12

Multiple Extrude Point on (142.9 KB)


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Hi Kevin,
Much work has been done. I began testing Definition, and this works pretty good. :grinning:

Great script and idea for visual control. It is very convenient and greatly facilitates the work.

Thank you so much for the support! :handshake: