Solid Difference

Hello Guys,
My target is to get the solid difference between one box and a bunch of cylinders included in the box, the cylinder are a list of around 4000 items and the box is one single element.
The solid difference component is doing the difference between each of the 4000 cylinder with the box and giving 4000 output, however what I want is one single output, a solid with 4000 cylinder gaps.
Can anyone advise please ?
The definition is attached.
Thanks.PD - Image - (136.0 KB)

This could be another way BTW, this might be also a heavy duty for your machine.
To change the results, you may want to use Data Dam or temporarily disable the Boundary Surfaces component.

PD - Image - (131.7 KB)

Thank you Kim, I knew this way, however I tried the other one hoping it wouldn’t be heavy but couldn’t achieve it.
Anyway thank you.