Solid color for Background

How to get a solid color Background ? With the following settings, I can see the Rhino Sky in the background, not the solid color I wish.

The easiest is to use Neon with Brazil and then in the Display panel for the Neon mode, change the visible background to ‘solid color’. This way you don’t have to do much to also have image based lighting (IBL) and reflections at the same time. If you need to actually render in the Brazil frame buffer, you’ll need to use a Brazil advanced environment to have a separate visible background from the one for IBL.

I am doing Bongo animations. As Neon can not synchronize with Bongo, I am using Brazil.
In Brazil Settings / Environment, I have clicked on Show Detailed Controls but I don’t see any more control for the plain background.How to do ?

@andy might have some suggestions

and here’s the renv file… Brazil Advanced Environment 001.renv (2.6 MB)

Thank you, got it.

By the way, in the screen capture of the top post,
when clicking on Edit next to 'Rhino Sky’
what is the purpose of setting the Background to a solid color ?

Sorry for the delay Alan, I missed your reply. That option will only affect the background in the Rendered display since the Rhino Sky environment is still actually present and active. If on the other hand you make a new basic environment and activate that one, you’ll have control over the background color in both the viewport and render. The disadvantage is that you won’t have a separate GI or reflection environment at the same time.