Software to model these kinds of objects


I’m not a user of Rhino yet. I am looking for a software to model the following things, they will be machined after that. The dimensions are not tight and accurate and modeling should be done based on almost pictures, occasionally meshes. Is Rhino a good choice? Which software do you recommend?

Zbrush, Blender, Mudbox, Maya , lightwave
A lot of

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Hi @Jaani,

Similar question was asked recently. You can definitely model these in Rhino. The important thing is that you have a good picture. The first two you have attached are decent and you can use the command _heightfield but the last one is bad for this purpose. Reason being - the shadow that falls at an angle. If you want to use this picture you’ll have to sculpt it manually which requires artitic skill/tallent.

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Vectric Vcarve or Aspire has this capability. It also will also generate the g-code for your router.