Software security matters related to Grasshopper

Recently I’ve seen a post about “detecting” key presses, another way to call it “key logger”.
Now i tried something about screen capturing and such (i wanted to code a video stream into modulated audio, just for fun) … here i’m casting a portion of screen (youtube) into a mesh in rhino environment.


The two things together made me think…

What is the “security” level of grasshopper (and/or rhino)? If there is some at all…
Can, any internal script/code/plug-in, access to our WHOLE system?

What prevent some code to log keypresses, screen, cursor movements, reading files … and sending them in the web? Completely in background.
I don’t want to seem paranoid, maybe it’s just too late…


Key loggers don’t need a host application to run in - check for instance autohotkey, an app that captures input from anywhere, even though it isn’t the active application.

:slight_smile: Big Brother is watching youuuuuu!

If you don’t know what the script does and/or don’t know where it comes from don’t run it. You have .net scripting you can do anything with the scripts.
I recently noticed that python IDEs like WingIDE also log what you do ever piece of code, every library accessed is logged in real-time. Supposedly to allow the app to make a better code suggestions.

Would you be so kind and share how you did this? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s nice!

Sorry I didn’t see your second reply.

I like to find lame excuses to post lame gifs … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

screen_to_mesh (5.3 KB)

I must remember to whoever will use this that i’m still learning c# … it might contain errors that might cause unknown further problems… I’m just clashing codes together.

  • Turn it on;
  • click “Set area” button and do 1 click for top-left corner and a second click for bottom right one;
  • optional visible rectangle

Outputs are:
A - mesh with X and Y sizes -1 of screen portion captured (each pixel become 1 vertex) , so pixel count and mesh quad faces count are different
B and C - sizes of the screen portion


There really isn’t any. Code runs at the same level of privileges as the current user account.

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