Soft Modification / Proportional Editing

I want to manipulate Rhino SubD vertices and/or Nurbs Control Vertices with a falloff distance.

Is there a plugin for something similar to Fusion 360’s soft modification, with a similar user interface? I have experimented with SoftMove, SoftTransform, SoftEditSrf, and CageEdit, none of which are as intuitive as the Fusion alternative.

SoftTransform is the closest in functionality, but its visual indicator to define the falloff range is not intuitive and it cannot use uv coordinates (number of rows) to determine the falloff distance. Furthermore, it would be great if SoftTransform was interactive during a transform command, so you can alter the falloff while applying the transformation. It is important that I can see how much influence is active on the object I am transforming, preferably with some sort of visual overlay.

Perhaps there is a way to build this tool in Grasshopper…?