So i'm not making any promises but

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took a stab at the first steps of writing Human UI 2.0. Intention is something that works on mac and windows, and is considerably easier to use and set up. Please note that I make no promises to complete this… this is actually like the 3rd time I’ve started writing HUI 2.0 :man_facepalming: So don’t get too excited!


Make it OpenSource project, someone will finish it :wink: .

My problem with the HUI 1.x was that it is not self explinatory. I could not make it work. Perhaps it’s just me and I haven’t reached the point (If everything else fails RTFM), nor had the patience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


this looks like metahopperized Human UI2!.

does bidirectional mean that no more UI Output set components?

i hope and wish you get a chance to complete it!


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Exactly - I’d love to do away with create/set and get it done with one component.

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I’m the first to admit that setting up a functional Human UI in the original version was needlessly complicated… mostly due to my own limited skills at the time I wrote it. That is a big motivation for this new version - it should be quite straightforward and easy for anyone, even a beginner, to get something up and running.

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I’m excited so much for the next release! :heart_eyes: