So i'm not making any promises but

took a stab at the first steps of writing Human UI 2.0. Intention is something that works on mac and windows, and is considerably easier to use and set up. Please note that I make no promises to complete this… this is actually like the 3rd time I’ve started writing HUI 2.0 :man_facepalming: So don’t get too excited!


Make it OpenSource project, someone will finish it :wink: .

My problem with the HUI 1.x was that it is not self explinatory. I could not make it work. Perhaps it’s just me and I haven’t reached the point (If everything else fails RTFM), nor had the patience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

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this looks like metahopperized Human UI2!.

does bidirectional mean that no more UI Output set components?

i hope and wish you get a chance to complete it!


Exactly - I’d love to do away with create/set and get it done with one component.

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I’m the first to admit that setting up a functional Human UI in the original version was needlessly complicated… mostly due to my own limited skills at the time I wrote it. That is a big motivation for this new version - it should be quite straightforward and easy for anyone, even a beginner, to get something up and running.


@andheum this looks very promising. Since HumanUI is using WPF, what did you use to get it on Mac?

Happy to contribute if you want to open source it.

The new one uses Eto to be cross platform. However, I haven’t made much progress since this original post.


Very promising, can’t wait for the final release. :slight_smile:

Very nice! It’s like programming HyperCard backwards but still, close :slight_smile:

If it is any consolation, every rewrite (i’ve had my share) makes it easier to get to the goal faster!

they say, all good things are 3 :slight_smile: some things are best when rebuild entirely, no old clutter new ideas new knowledge now i am thrilled to see that coming to mac.


I am exploring a COVID-19 use of Rhino with the Honeybee/Ladybug suite of environmental performance analysis tools. My ambition relies on being able to use the suite on whatever platform (well, Mac or Windows) the students (200+ of them!) have.

I am trying to use Human UI as the interface, so I hide the messiness of the VPL and ust talk about architectural design and performance in simple boxes.

Barrier 1 is the menu creation tool I am using - Human UI - has a Windows installer. Did you ever move on to v2.0?


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Hi Michael,
Just FWIW - Not the answer to your question here and not even necessarily a very good alternative, but Grasshopper on Rhino 7 allows you to run GH files from the Rhino command line - i.e. without opening the definition on a GH canvas. I saw from your screenshot on the LB|HB forum that you have a license for Rhino 6 and should therefore be able to run Rhino 7. But perhaps that’s not the case for all students?