Human UI vs UI+, your thoughts and experiences on which to use


I intend to extend my complex script to a UI with an large nb of variables divided over multiple sections. Both Human UI and UI+ seem like great solutions and will probably both get the job done. But before diving in, I’m curious to know what are your thoughts on which one to use, pros and cons. At a first glance, UI+ is actively developed while Human’s latest update dates back 3 years. Then again, the toolset of HumanUI seems more diverse and more frequently used in this community.

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I actually have the same question. Have you found out anything yet?

No, haven’t got a change to start implementing … still on the todo list for coming months.
Please keep me update if by any change you will do some testing yourself in the coming days/weeks.

In my code I make use of some libraries currently not supported by ShapeDriver, though that one may also be a nice comparison to include

Thank you for your advice, I will definitely inform you if I found anything that can be useful
Good luck!