Snapshots with camera movement?


I’ve watched Kyle’s tutorial on snapshots in Rhino 6. He shows his model exploding and reassembling. I have a model of a building and I’d like to set up a snapshot in the lobby, and then one in the conference room. Is there a way to track my camera down the hallway between these two snapshots? I can put as many snapshots inbetween as needed to give it “keyframe” stopping points. When I tried this last week, there was no transition between my snapshots, no camera movement. It shows one shot, then shows the next. I’m sure there’s something simple I’m missing in slideshow or animation that can fix this.


no, for that you’d need to build a walkthrough or camera path animation. snapshots are not that sophisticated.

Hi Kyle! Ok, so maybe I can look up how to do a walkthrough. What is the difference with your exploded view in the tutorial? Is it because the model moved instead of the camera?

yes exactly snapshot moves parts of the model, walkthrough moves the camera.